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why shoot in
czech republic

Location, location, location

The Czech Republic is home to gorgeous countryside, beautiful mountains, luxurious villas, industrial complexes, and many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Known as “The Jewel of Europe,” Prague’s medieval city streets can double for just about any other European city at nearly any time, from the Middle Ages until present day. Need Berlin in the 1880s? We got it. London in the 1700s? We got it. Need to shoot for Paris, but don’t have the budget? We got it. 

The Gang’s All Here

Czech crews are among the best in the world. With a history of filmmaking dating back to the 1920’s, Czechs have honed and perfected their craft over the years. Cinematographers and camera crews commonly win awards. Production designers, architects, and art department are artisans in their own right and can create entire worlds from absolutely nothing. Makeup and hair teams are second-to-none, as is every other department you need.

Boys & Their Toys

Being in Central Europe has its advantages. We have all the latest in camera gear & production technologies, and what is not here can be sourced very easily from elsewhere in Europe. From Russian Arms to motion capture, it’s all here in Prague. And if we don’t already have it, we can get it.

Tax Incentives

Since 2010, international film companies have benefitted from our tax rebate program. 

For more details, see our Film Incentives page.

Only The Best Studios

The Czech Anglo offices are based onsite at the world-famous Barrandov Studios. German-designed and built to last, these massive sound stages have sliding walls that allow for expanding or segmenting the total floor space. For outdoor set builds, there’s a large backlot adjacent. Barrandov is the biggest and the best so it’s our favorite, but there are many other studios available in Prague as well.

Home Away From Home

For producers, directors and any other traveling crew looking to stay in Prague for a few months, Czech Anglo has its own dedicated travel and accommodation experts who will find an apartment or hotel matching whatever requirements you may have. Our connections with local establishments allow us to find the exactly what you need at the best possible prices.



There are few countries around the world that can boast the wealth of historical buildings that can match those available in the Czech Republic. Modern architecture has allowed us to do many film and commercial shoots that double for other large cities around the globe (especially in Europe). We have doubled for Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Vienna, Milan, London and New York in recent years.