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About US

Czech Anglo Pictures is an award-winning production company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1997 by Kevan van Thompson and Pavel Novy, now retired, Vaclav Mottl joining as a partner 2010, Czech Anglo is truly a partnership of both Czech and English cultures, taking the best from both worlds to provide top-notch production services for long and short format projects.  

In our 25 years, we’ve produced dozens of feature films including Oscar winning JoJo Rabbit, A Boy Called Christmas and The Zookeeper’s Wife, as well as period TV Series The Three Musketeers, and Dangerous Liaisons. More recently Czech Anglo Productions have produced commercials for Hewlett Packard, OnePlus Nord, and Sony, to name a few. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible production experience without compromise.  

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Czech Anglo Pictures will be your guide through the entire process, from pre-production and budgeting through locations, scheduling, talent acquisition and more. And if you want to take it further, we can offer post-production services as well. Our approach is hands-on when it comes to production; we’ll be there every step of the way.

Our work speaks for itself. We’re versed in feature film, TV, commercials and content. Projects of all shape and size are welcome. We look forward to working with you.

What we do


We’ve been in the film industry for over 20 years. Our clients range from low-budget projects to studio pictures.

These are some of the projects we were proud to work on.  



There are few countries around the world that can boast the wealth of historical buildings that can match those available in the Czech Republic. Modern architecture has allowed us to do many film and commercial shoots that double for other large cities around the globe (especially in Europe). We have doubled for Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Vienna, Milan, London and New York in recent years.

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Kevan Van Thompson

Václav Mottl

Executive/Line producer

+420 602 280 547

Nick Saward

Czech Anglo PICTURES s.r.o.

Kříženeckého nám. 322
152 53 Prague 5
Czech Republic

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Czech Anglo Productions s.r.o.

Kříženeckého nám. 322
152 53 Prague 5
Czech Republic

Identification no. 25132741
VAT no. CZ25132741